Monday, November 08, 2010

Bible and Archaeology Fest 2010

The Bible and Archaeology Fest has now posted a schedule of speakers and their topics (pdf). 

Lectures of greatest interest to me on the first day include:

David Ussishkin, “Sennacherib's Attack on Lachish: What We have Learned from Archaeology

Yosef Garfinkel, “The Sanctuary of Khirbet Qeiyafa: Judean Cult at the Time of King David

Jodi Magness, “Masada: Last Stronghold of the Jewish Resistance against Rome

James Tabor, “Was There an Essene Quarter and a "Church of the Apostles" on Mt. Zion in the time of Jesus? What We Know Now in 2010

Amihai Mazar, “Beth Shean: Biblical Traditions and Archaeological Reality

Other speakers for the weekend include Mark Wilson, Ben Witherington, James Charlesworth, Mark
Goodacre, Michael Coogan, William Dever, Craig Evans, and Marvin Meyer.




  • -J. Harold Ellens “Homosexuality in the Bible: The Case of
    David and Jonathan”
    --I'm glad I won't be there to see this one. Ellens trots out the now old and weary "the Bible doesn't really condemn modern, committed homosexual relationship" argument that is a stale as it is mistaken.

    By Blogger Al Sandalow, at Mon Nov 08, 10:21:00 AM  

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