Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zahi Hawass Reappointed

After protests against his leadership, Zahi Hawass resigned from his post as head of Egyptian antiquities.  Now he has returned, according to Ahram:

Zahi Hawass‎, chief of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, announced that he had been re-‎appointed as Minister of Antiquities following a meeting with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf ‎on Wednesday. ‎

Hawass first took up the newly-created post in the cabinet when ex-president Hosni ‎Mubarak installed him late in January.‎

After a number of artefacts had been declared missing in the wake of the 25 January revolution the Egyptian archaeologist had stepped down from his post.

HT: Jack Sasson



  • The trouble with Zahi Hawass is that he takes himself too seriously. I wonder how he will feel about the fictitious head of the SCA portrayed in Adam Palmer's thriller The Moses Legacy?

    By Blogger David Kessler Author, at Thu Apr 07, 10:47:00 AM  

  • I just read an advance copy of the book (courtesy of Goodreads) and the parallels between Zahi Hawass and Palmer's "Akil Mansoor" are rather amusing.

    By Anonymous Tom Holloway, at Tue May 17, 07:35:00 AM  

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