Saturday, August 04, 2012

Weekend Roundup

With the discovery of a LMLK seal at Azekah, Omer Sergi of Tel Aviv University gave an impromptu lecture about LMLK seals. Daily updates by volunteers are posted here.

Archaeological sites that currently take years to map will be completed in minutes if tests underway in Peru of a new system being developed at Vanderbilt University go well.”

Egyptian officials are trying to bring back tourists by opening new tombs, including the tomb of Meresankh.

An Israeli journalist has filmed a mass grave near the Golden Gate that he suggests dates to the Roman destruction of Jerusalem.

Like the tower of Pisa, the Colosseum of Rome is leaning.

James Mellaart, excavator of Çatalhüyük, passed away this week.

More than a hundred people gathered at the tomb of Sir Flinders Petrie this week to celebrate the 70th anniversary of his death.

The latest in the wider world of archaeology is reviewed by the ASOR Blog.

Congratulations to Geoff C. and Frank P., winners of Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus.

HT: Jack Sasson, Wayne Stiles, Joseph Lauer

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  • I'm hoping Omer Sergi will give a sequel lecture (with Robert Cargill's assistance again), in which he explains how to know when a seal impression is upside-down or not before attempting to read its inscription.

    By Blogger G.M. Grena, at Sat Aug 04, 09:10:00 PM  

  • As the comments pertaining to the upside-down goof have been deleted from the YouTube page, looks like my hopes for a sequel have been dashed! Censorship has always been the hallmark of great scientists & scholars, right?

    By Blogger G.M. Grena, at Sun Aug 05, 01:03:00 PM  

  • I, pithom, have also been censored by those who run the Tel Azekah YouTube channel. I have made a video response to them at

    By Blogger pithom, at Mon Aug 06, 07:17:00 AM  

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