Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Roundup, Part 2

Three Syrian Historical Sites under Threat (Here & Now)

Archaeology Weekly Roundup! 2-22-13 (ASOR Blog)

Exclusive video of the work to save the two colossal statues of Amenhotep III (Luxor Times)

Exclusive footage: The Sphinx Avenue lit up for the first time (Luxor Times)

Collection of Graeco-Roman tombs uncovered in Alexandria (Ahram Online)

Ancient Stolen Artifacts Discovered in Beit Jann (Arutz-7)

Pillaging of Gaza Antiquities an Archaeological Tragedy (Al-Monitor)

New Testament Scholar: Chasing Biblical Manuscripts Is Nothing Like 'Indiana Jones' (Christian Post) Interview with Daniel Wallace.

HT: Charles Savelle, Jack Sasson

Luxor Temple Avenue of Sphinxes, tb110500232
Avenue of Sphinxes leading to Luxor Temple
Photo from Pictorial Library of Bible Lands, volume 7

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